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Porcelain Stoneware - Made In Italy - @ Factory Prices

Sassuolo Tiles - FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions.

What is Porcelain Stoneware?

Porcellanato is a dense and pigmented ceramic substance that is created through a pressing process. The term “gres” in French denotes that the ceramic tile’s mass is highly vitrified and compact, resulting in exceptional resistance to impacts, scratches, stains, chemical attacks, flexion, abrasion, and high levels of hygiene.

Why choose porcelain stoneware ceramic?

Porcelain tiles are a low-maintenance option for flooring, both indoors and outdoors. They are known for their hygienic properties, resistance to mold and moss, and stain-resistant qualities. Moreover, in the event of a fire they are fireproof, without emitting any harmful substances. In addition to this, they have several other attributes like being non-absorbent, frost-resistant, and unalterable in any climate condition. These features make porcelain tiles a high-performance option that offers durability and safety.

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What is rectification?

Porcelain stoneware tile rectification is the process of squaring the edges of each slab to achieve a natural surface finish. This allows the tiles to be laid with minimal space between them, resulting in a near-seamless look. A very fine and durable abrasive wheel is used with a grinding machine during rectification to obtain a high-quality, polished finish.

How do you clean porcelain stoneware?

The regular cleaning of everyday can happen in a simple and immediate way. All you need to do is wash the floor or the coating with water and add normal cleaning products suitable for cleaning ceramic surfaces (for coatings, use gel detergents). We recommend making sure that the cleaning products do not contain waxy substances.

What are tiles?

Tiles are ceramic slabs that can come in various sizes and thicknesses, ranging from about 3 to 20 mm. They are made from a mixture of various products such as clay, sand, and other natural substances. They are formed into the desired sizes and then fired at high temperatures in special ovens. As technology continues to evolve, more and more varieties of sizes, colors, surfaces, and decorative effects are becoming available.

Where can they be used?

Ceramic tiles are used to cover floors and walls, both for indoor and outdoor environments. Obviously, for outdoor spaces, there is a specific category with determined technical specifications. Every surface that you want to cover, from large dimensions to smaller niches, can be covered with taste and creativity.

What functions do they perform?

Despite the different types available, all ceramic tiles have three common characteristics:

  • aesthetics, as they are chosen to decorate together with other finishes present in the environment
  • reliability because they can withstand heavy impacts, liquids, and scratches without damage or deterioration
  • and functionality because they are fire-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and can withstand the stress of foot traffic over time.

"What is the choice class?"

The quality level of the tiles is another factor that defines the supply. Only the “1st choice” meets the standard regulations. For instance, in terms of appearance defects, no more than five defective tiles are acceptable for every one hundred in this case. Lower quality grades such as second, third, commercial, oven yield, etc. may have a higher number of defects, as they are of inferior quality.

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