Porcelain Stoneware - Made In Italy - @ Factory Prices
Tel: DENIS +39 327 902 4626  -  Sass.T. +39 353 456 0450
Porcelain Stoneware - Made In Italy - @ Factory Prices

Sassuolo Tiles: Who we are and What we believe

Sassuolo tiles is a tile vendor that, throughout the years, has provided consumers, both private and corporate customers a variety of options to best create the design of their spaces at factory prices, cutting out the costs of merchants with the showroom packed with hundreds of product collections. Our products have been cutting-edge and highly stylish for more than 40 years. We manage sales with the utmost transparency and dependability, placing customer pleasure as our top priority.

SassuoloTiles realizes your porcelain stoneware projects.

With the increase in global renovations, our experience in closely tracking families as they renovate their surroundings has immersed us. Our team is made up of highly qualified individuals with decades of expertise in many fields of sales, and logistics. The production facility to which the company refers is highly automated and aims to limit staff involvement where personal health is at risk.

At SassuoloTiles we believe in the value of people, every request is handled by a real person, and thanks to our experience in the sector and collaborations with the big names in the Sassuolo ceramic district, we offer quality and design products at affordable prices.

Sassuolo Tiles Warehouse

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For more information about the different types of porcelain tiles available, their characteristics, and to request a quote, please contact us.

    Sassuolo Tiles : esempi realizzati in Grès Porcellanato

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